Brand Standards and Logo Usage

About the Brand

The Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership between Fort Worth Housing Solutions and the City of Fort Worth in collaboration with the Fort Worth Independent School District, McCormack Baron Salazar, Urban Strategies, Inc. and numerous other partners.

The following Brand Guidelines and Standards are intended to assist partners and stakeholders who use the initiative’s name, colors, logo and key messages in print and digital communications.

Properties and programs developed as part of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative are intellectual property of Fort Worth Housing Solutions and should be identified as affiliated with the Initiative in print and digital communication.

Final editorial authority for uses of Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative identities and marks rests with Fort Worth Housing Solutions and is subject to review by the agency’s Communications office. For questions about the brand, colors, logo or usage, please contact FWHS Communications at

Brand Identity

The identity of the effort is the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative. The name is based on the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan, which was developed over several years and updated in 2019 by residents, community leaders, partners and stakeholders.

The name is drawn from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods program. The initiative coveys an intent to replace the former 300-unit Cavile Place public housing community with almost 1,000 units of new, mixed-income rental residences in six phases of development and to support the community with quality education, healthcare, services and amenities – in short, to create a “neighborhood of choice.” 

The Fort Worth effort may be referred to as the Stop Six CNI on second reference.

Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative Logo

As the centerpiece of the graphic identity program, the logo is used with stationery, publications, presentations, flyers, ads, brochures, office forms and other media used to communicate with the public.

The logo should not be used as a focal point except where its purpose is to identify the initiative, as on flyers and signs. Generally, it should not be featured prominently on the covers of publications but rather as a signature, for example, printed small on the front or back cover.

Signature Logo Usage

The Stop Six CNI signature logo consists of three elements: the logo icon, name and the city and state. These elements appear in a fixed relationship that may not be altered, adjusted or modified in any way.

The signature logo is available for download in both a horizontal and stacked format.


The Stop Six CNI wordmark, or logotype, is a font-based logo identified by its distinctive typography. The wordmark may be used in place of the signature logo when space does not allow for the graphic icon packaged with the logo type. The signature logo is preferred in most uses.

Secondary Wordmark

The “All Aboard” secondary wordmark is intended to be used occasionally in conjunction with the signature logo when the intent is to convey the breadth of partners engaged in the Stop Stix Choice Neighborhood Initiative. The secondary wordmark should be used within close proximity to the primary signature and should remain similar in size. The secondary wordmark should never be presented in a larger format than the signature logo.

Download Logo Files

Logos may be downloaded in the PNG format suitable for web and digital uses or vector-based “.EPS” extension formats preferred by most commercial printers and publishers.

Please use the logos as designed. Altering the images in any way compromises their effectiveness and the Stop Six CNI brand.

Color Usage

The Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative brand relies on two colors: Pantone Matching System (PMS) color 2613 (purple) and (PMS) color 144 (orange). The colors are two of the four primary colors associated with Fort Worth Housing Solutions and indicate that the Choice Neighborhood Initiative is fully managed and operated by Fort Worth Housing Solutions.

  • PMS 2613 C (for use on coated materials)
  • PMS 2602 U (for use on uncoated paper stock)
  • Web Values: R = 107, G = 30, B = 116
  • Web Hex # 6A2875
  • Four Color: C = 70, M = 100, Y = 20, K = 7
  • PMS 144 C (for use on coated materials)
  • PMS 130 U (for use on uncoated paper stock)
  • Web Values: R = 243, G = 139, B = 0
  • Web Hex # F38B00
  • Four Color: C = 2, M = 54, Y = 100, K = 0


Roboto and Playfair Display SC are used throughout the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative website, Roboto pairs well with Open Sans, while Playfair Display SC pairs well with Monserrat, Roboto and Open Sans. Designers are encouraged to use compatible fonts in materials representing the initiative.





Playfair Display SC


More information

For further information about the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative brand, logos, colors or fonts, please email