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The Plan


Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development began its Choice Neighborhoods program in 2010 to leverage significant public and private dollars to support locally-driven strategies that address struggling neighborhoods with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation.

The program calls on local leaders, residents and stakeholders — such as public housing authorities, cities, schools, police, business owners, nonprofits and private developers – to collaboratively create and implement a plan to revitalize distressed HUD housing and catalyzes critical neighborhood improvements, including housing, businesses, community services and schools.

HUD awarded Fort Worth Housing Solutions a $35 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant in April 2020. The grant is expected to leverage $345 million in investment over eight years to transform the Stop Six neighborhood in southeast Fort Worth.

Grant co-applicants included the City of Fort Worth; the Fort Worth Independent School District; McCormack Baron Salazar, a leading for-profit developer and manager economically-integrated urban neighborhoods; and Urban Strategies Inc., a not-for-profit planning and strategic implementation firm that specializes in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.

The award culminated eight years of collaboration among Stop Six residents, Fort Worth Housing Solutions, city leaders and numerous community stakeholders and partners. The application was based on a shared vision for the area: to create a vibrant, sustainable community with the attributes – education, healthcare, safety, services and amenities – of a “neighborhood of choice.”

The Plan

The Stop Six Choice Neighborhood initiative will include modern, multi-family, mixed-income design, community resources, public amenities and neighborhood services to revitalize a long-neglected neighborhood.

The plan is aligned with the three core goals of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative:


The plan addresses the specific education, economic and healthcare needs of previous residents of Cavile Place and others who had qualified for a wait list. The needs were identified through a Resident Needs Assessment and will be met with commitments from service provider partners.


The housing plan replaces the 300 obsolete units in what was the 1950s-era Cavile Place public housing complex one-for-one with new units in several well-designed, high-quality, sustainable, mixed-income communities. Planned as a six-phase development, the plan will create almost 1,000 total new units for the neighborhood. The plan calls for anchors at the corners of the neighborhood and connects properties with a large development at the heart.


The neighborhood plan builds on the pre-existing assets and relationships in Stop Six and provides a framework for development of a neighborhood of choice — all while improving connectivity and infrastructure throughout the neighborhood.

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