Community Engagement

Putting a plan into action

Multi-Year Planning Effort

The 2019 Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan resulted from a multi-year planning and engagement effort under the leadership of Fort Worth Housing Solutions and the City of Fort Worth.

Planning partners including former residents of Cavile Place, Stop Six neighbors, key elected officials, business leaders, community institutions and many stakeholders identified key strategies used effectively in other HUD Choice Neighborhoods, including:

  • Restoring neighborhood confidence;
  • Repositioning Stop Six in the market as a place of choice for housing and other development; and
  • Creating a new narrative to replace a story of decline with a story of transformation.

The Priorities

Five major listening sessions and planning meetings were held between June and October 2019. The gatherings included representatives of 25 stakeholders and anchor institutions and input from four elected officials who represented the area.

Consistent priorities emerged: