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A Landmark community initiative

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The Initiative

The Choice Neighborhood Initiative​

The Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan was developed by residents, community leaders and stakeholders to capture a shared vision for a vibrant, safe and sustainable community with access to quality education, healthcare, services and amenities – a “neighborhood of choice.”

The plan includes replacement of the former Cavile Place public housing community with new, mixed-income rental residences in six phases of development. It includes a neighborhood hub for recreation, educational, health and safety services; commercial districts and space for healthcare and educational, economic and other support services.

The initiative is seeded by a $35 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant awarded to Fort Worth in April 2020.

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A New Gateway

The mixed-use development at Amanda Avenue and East Rosedale Street will provide a new “Main Street” and commercial district for Stop Six.

Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan

A Central Destination

Community services, recreational facilities and programs focused on employment assistance and job training would be co-located in a beautifully designed, walkable community hub.

Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Project

Walkable Neighborhoods

Residential developments would offer a mix of architecture and design that encourages pedestrian activity and a neighborly feel.

Community Engagement | Stop Six Choice Neighborhood

Community Driven

Residents, community leaders and stakeholders updated and adopted the plan in 2019 following numerous workshops, conversations and gatherings.

Success Stories

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